Where can I get this slide potentiometer

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based on your drawing travel is 38mm. i do not see such product on the website or any with exact features you hared. but i guess you just need to replace one unit to perform whatever repair. they are simple in construction so it may be worth considering replacing just broken slider on that damaged pot with one from a donor pot.


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You also have to find out if that slider is linear or logarithmic in how it changes resistance. A simple test is to put the slider at the 1/2 way point as best you can and measure resistance from each end. If it is about the same from each end, it is linear. If the resistance is fairly different, odds are it is logarithmic.
The "B" and the 5L2 portion of the part number suggests linear, but best to measure anyway.


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I see red spots at the top end of the slider. Are those illuminated handles? I have seen those, they are quite impressive but not very common.
I also noticed in the photo of the circuit boards, two extra terminals at the bottom. That is why I asked if they were illuminated. That would make the search more challenging.
Have you been able to visit the manufacturers website?
It may be that you will need to repair the broken slide-pot, I hope that you have all of the pieces. Possibly somebody with a 3D printer could produce a replacement for you.