What's wrong with my 30A electric Aga?

Discussion in 'Technical Repair' started by StefSuchacki, Feb 6, 2018.

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    Feb 6, 2018
    Hi All, I am a student in electrical and electronic engineering and analogue guitar amplifier builder.
    I have a 30A Electric Aga cooker at home which has developed a fault. Any guidance from you all would be appreciated.
    The cooker is an Aga, 30A, Electric. It has a seperate 2A supply to its Control Board and a seperate 30A supply to the heating elements.
    The cooker is from circa.1978 which we bought second hand a year ago. Until now it has worked great.
    The symptoms include:
    1) drop in temperature from 230 degrees to 160 degrees and
    2) the control board is making a clicking sound.
    After removing the control board cover, the main PCB is seen. Behind this control board is a secondary board which has a few relays mounted to it.
    When the cooker is taking a charge (heat up the elements), the red LED 'LD3' should illuminate. However, as soon as it illuminates you can hear the relay clicking, then the LED fades. It appears the cooker is in a state of attempting to charge but a fault switches the relay to stop the charge, and the process is in a loop.
    There are two heat sinks on two voltage regulators and I noticed that by blowing (my breath) cool air towards the PCB while the relay clicking is occurring, the relay clicking stops and the red LED 'LD3' stays un-illuminated. This, I believe, means my Aga is not being charged though.
    After being quoted £1109 by Aga for a new control board I thought it worth seeing if it is something I can fix myself.
    Any suggestions welcomed!