What would be the right choice of Microsoft Tool to create a Task Pool?

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Hi All,

I recently got hired in an electronic devices service centre. There are so many service repairs (Tasks) to be done everyday. We have of bunch of service engineers (Mostly Freelancing Electronics Experts) to manage that. The problem is, As most of them are Freelancers, we cannot "Demand" them to take a task and finish the same. So I have suggested an idea to create a task pooling system online and the interested engineers can enrol and finish the activities according to their availability (local based mostly) and their expertise... As a Microsoft Developer, I want to develop the same on using Microsoft tools only. Which would be the right choice of tool to develop the same. As far as I know,
  1. In Outlook there was an Task Option (Now called To-Do)
  2. Also heard Microsoft Teams is also better for Collaboration.
  3. Like that SharePoint and so many.
Which would be the right fit. Please suggest.

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What you need is a ticket system. I would avoid reinventing the wheel. Instead I would choose an open source ticket system and concentrate on configuring it. That, in itself, is a non-trivial task.

Unfortunately, your constraint that it be “Microsoft only” is a good way to set yourself up for failure. This genre of software has been developed and refined for a long time, you aren’t going to even come close to the functionally to make it really useful on your own.

I have no expectation that my advice will be taken, but I felt it would be wrong not to at least attempt to warn you.