What were those schematic packages called in the States?

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TCMTech's post where he wanted a schematic.


Reminded me of those packages you could buy that had a schematic and pretty much everything you needed to repair a TV or stereo. You were able to pick them up at you local electronic supply store.

I have a small stack still. The company was PhotoFacts. But I thought there was another company that was popular too. Those would come in a manila folder as I recall.

Edit: Ah it is Sam's Photofacts. Was there another company too? Or maybe I am just missing the folder?


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Those don't sound familiar. I will bet it is Sam's I picked up all of the time. I sure miss those days. :(
The pre-internet days, or the days when you had a chance at repairing things yourself? Unfortunately they overlap. Today it's easy to find information but not so easy to do anything.


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Yes it was Sam's.........repair shops/electronic warehouses(remember electronic warehouses?) used to have libraries of them.