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So what the heck is happening with the #MakewithMaxim Design contest?

The overview says if you got selected you have till Jan 5 (tomorrow) to "submit a project documenting all aspects of the design using their chosen board", but the dev board hasn't arrived, and there's no indication it's even been sent. (Yes, I filled out the contact form)

The email said "We will send a follow-up email with further instruction on how to document your project and how to get a hold of a Maxim Engineer to assist with any questions that you may have about the board." ..no email ever came.

The countdown clock on the contest page says (as of this moment) "Design Contest ends in 10 days, 11 hours, 49 minutes and 04 seconds!" What the heck is that? It doesn't correspond to any of the dates in the contest details.

So, what gives guys???

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