What Solder Paste for reflow oven?

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I have some PCB's made and I need to mount some 0603 SMT parts on the board. I built a small reflow oven and am almost ready to start mounting parts but don't know what solder paste to purchase. I hear a lot of people talking about lead free solder paste but I don't know why I'd want that or if I if I should use leaded. They are just personal prototype boards and the reflow oven is located inside, in a large open room. There are lots of options on digikey for solder paste but I'd appreciate some advice on what to use and why. Thanks in advance!


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Leaded solder makes prettier joints, melts at a lower temperature, and does not carry the risk of tin whiskers forming that might cause shorts, though tin whiskers are known to grow on lead-free solder joints..