What Size wires should I use for 3500 Volts

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I have a transformer changing 240v to 3500v .

What size wires (diameter) should I use to prevent a burn out from such high voltage .

Additional information :

12kHz output .

1.5 meter length.

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I have a couple of rolls of 5000 volt test lead wire. Stranded, nice and floppy, resistant to abrasion. I say this to suggest that the right wire is certainly available.


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When you buy insulated wire it generally states the insulation rating, just buy something rated well about 3500V. You still need to consider how much current the wire needs to handle.

Are you sure you want to be messing with 3500V?


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You need a HV wire, you should search there. There are a lot of manufactureres, like Belden, Alpha wire etc. But also you need the current for the final decision


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Specify the load VA rating that you will be using with those wires, then the gauge can be determined.
Either way the insulation should be rated at least more than 3.5KV.


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Unless he could find something like the old Packard 440, with a wire core instad of the graphite impregnated stuff they make today. Last area I worked in at Delphi Packard made the complete ignition cables from wire to boots to assembly.


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Solid core spark plug wires are still a common item that can be gotten at most any automotive parts store.

They are used in older vehicles and equipment that use the old points and condensor type ignition systems. Same with lawn and garden equipment magneto systems.

The next option for HV rated wire is common neon sign wiring. Most of that comes in 15 - 30 KV ratings and can be purchased online or at any signage company.


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EBay has lots of ads for high voltage wire. I suggest you look for the silicone jacketed. I have used the Dearborn (now Alpha) brand in the past with good success. Wire with a 5KV rating will not be hard to find.