What should i be worry about storing IC's?

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Hello iam looking at buying some IC's in somewhat big quantity,They're wireless RF IC's in QFN package.What should i be concerned with storing them i've read some might have a "mount by date" where aslong as it is solder to a board before x amount of days the IC is good.The company that makes them arent a huge manufacturer and i want to make sure before i buy that many i dont have to mount them right when i get them,or need a special temperature room,etc.Any help is appreciated thanks


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Have a look in the datasheet for the IC's.
Those will give operating and storage temperatures.
Here is an example for the AD524:



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Ah i will have to look at there sheet from them,I just have gotten buck converters from mouser in a ESD bag saying its shelf life is 7 days in the sealed bag,or onced open it has be mounted before 72hours.But now that i went back to the data sheet and looked at the bottom of the buck converter it does show a MSL Peak Temp Parameter Level-3-245C-168 HR which makes sense now.I guess i will have to get the full datasheet or spec sheet from them.


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The reason for the "mount by date" is from concerns about the pins oxidizing and becoming difficult to solder.
If that happens, usually a small amount of rosin flux applied to the pins will make them easy to solder.
I see no other concerns if you store them in a sealed ESD bag or container at room temperature.


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If they are expensive, store in sealed bags with dessicant to reduce humidity

If you live a humid area, the leads can become tarnished to the point where they are unusable after 6 months of storage.