What Program to Use for PCB Assembly?

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Hi All

I have designed and printed several PCBs in the past, using a very easy to use program called Fritzing.
It is really easy and nice to use, and can export Gerber files, that can then be uploaded to your chosen PCB Printing service.

I would now like to also try a PCB Assembly service,
so it means I will use both services together: PCB Print+PCB Assembly, from the same place.

My question:
Is Fritzing also good for PCB Assembly?
Can this program tell which components lay on the PCB, where, and in what orientation?

If Fritzing is not good for that,
what program do you guys recommend?
(hopefully one that is easy to use, since I am not interested in a steep learning curve - I do not create PCB so often, I am a hobbyist)

Thank you very much