What power supply should be used for a 24V 500W Brushed DC Motor?

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I have 24V - 500W Brushed DC Motor (Commonly used E-bike motor - Chinese Make - MY1016). I eventually plan to run it using Arduino PWM and 24V 30 Amps SMPS.

For Testing the motor I tried to power it directly (without the E-bike driver provided in the kit):

1) Using a 230V AC to 12V AC - 10 Amps step down transformer and a bridge rectifier - Works fine (definitely with lesser power - could stop the shaft by hand)

2) Using a 24V 10 Amps SMPS - Doesn't start at all..!
(Tested the SMPS for fault, using other stepper motors, its working fine.)

Need some help figuring out what might be the cause.


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hi 93,
A 500Watt 24Vdc motor requires , 500W/24V = ~20Amps to run at full power.
For starting and stalling it will require a higher current.

A 24V at 10Amp PSU is not suitable.

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Thanks Eric..!

Wonder how it started working in the 12V setup. Also, would you happen to know about any DC motor drivers that I could use to control this motor using Arduino for a GRBL Spindle (condition here is that we have only two pins coming out of Arduino for control - one for direction and the other one for speed i.e., PWM)

GRBL pinout: https://github.com/grbl/grbl/wiki/Connecting-Grbl



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Wonder how it started working in the 12V setup
That was because it wasn't a SMPS. SMPS should not be used for motors unless you pick one really over the required current for the motor. A SMPS has protections built into it that shut them down fast when over tasked, like motors do. Brushed DC motors are pretty forgiving voltage wise too, some where around 1/2 the motor voltage to some where around twice will work on them.