What kind of switch is this?

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I'm struggling to find the datasheet for this part.

DSCN0138.png DSCN0139.png DSCN0140.png

It's labelled Omron, and thte numbers in the blurry picture are "2722RAC" and "R201". The wires are labelled 1, 3, 2. And black is 1, blue is 3 and red is 2. The black dot in the blue ring can be pushed in and it makes a click. So I figure it is some kind of switch.

Can anyone help me get the datasheet?


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Looks like a button activated miniature micro switch (snap action switch). Three wires are common, N/O and N/C. The actuator is called pin plunger. Omron and others make them. Do a continuity check on the wires and you will find the N/O and N/C contacts with respect to a Common.

This data sheet may help, it does identify the wires.

This is a better data sheet, because of the mounting post the switch is a D2HW Series.

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