what kind of micro controller is suitable for call with home phone network (NO SIM-CARD)

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hello everyone , for a educational goals i want design a security system which work with PIR sensor,
application is after detection of movement the processor will calls to a number that defined ...
i know approximately everything except module for calling ...
i don't know how the application of home phone networks (which work with RJ11)
what kind of micro and modules is suitable ?
could anyone help me pls ?
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Beau Schwabe

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I assume you mean "old school" land line style telephones.

Almost any micro can produce the proper DTMF tones but a proper interface to the phone line itself will also be needed.
Even if you don't use DTMF you can interrupt the phone line in a make-break configuration to "TAP-OUT" the numbers like a rotary dialer ... 1 = 1 pulse 2 = 2 pulses 3=3 pulses .... etc.... except 0 = 10 pulses

But again you will need a proper interface to Pickup the Phone line (A relay can suffice) and some kind of Audio transformer to send a recorded message and/or your DTMF signals.