What is wrong in the following circuit?


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Could anyone please tell me what is the problem in the following circuit? Thank you.
No - I can`t. A circuit cannot be wrong or have "any problems". Perhaps it behaves not as expected by you. But that is another question which can be answered only when we know what you are expecting from the circuit.


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Hey E, I was just solving and debugging some random circuits. I could not figure out what could be the problem with the circuit.
Well, no one here is likely to be able to tell you unless they are psychic. There’s just not enough information. The circuit looks fine so without an explanation of the fault that is being experienced there is nothing to debug.

What is the complaint? What are the values of the unmarked resistors? What is the code running on the MCU? Get the idea?


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This must be one of those mystical circuits. It's there but you can't see it unless you've been elevated to a higher plane.


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As Eric asked, what is the problem?
What are the resistor values?
What is the code controlling the MOSFET?
What LED current are you aiming for?
What is the Vfwd of the LED?


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Could anyone please tell me what could be the problem in the circuit? Thank you.
You don't identify the Ohmic values of R1 and R2 on your circuit- you should always do that for all elements that have a value on a schematic.

You also do not have an appropriately sized resistor the gate of the FET.