What is the right flyback replacement for this tv ?

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Hello, I need help to identify the correct transformer for a crt tv Grundig CUC 2401.

On the schematic its part number is 29201-022.01 and looking on the Hr Diemen equivalence table it show HR 5715 but seems that the HR 5715 has a 2900Vpp out on pin 2 that is not the same as the transformer on the grundig schematic.
The HR 5706 looks more similar but I'm not an expert at all and don't want to buy a wrong transformer and maybe damage the tv.

Could anybody have a look at the schematic and tell me what is the correct transformer, if HR 5715 or HR 5706 or another one ?

Here is the schematic and transformers configuration:


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did not open ZIP file as my browser is suspicious.

the https://hrdiemen.com/search/index

tells you how to search for equivalent part. the bet method is to use original reference that is on the body of original component. alternatively you can search by TV brand and model but in this case you will get several results.

finally you can also use HR/HRT number.