What is the best way to make my electric dirtbike the most efficient?

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I am currently doing research on making a electric dirtbike. But I am struggling with how I can make it at as efficient as possible.
I think I will use a BLDC motor of 2000 W and 60V and have a RPM of 4600 loaded. With a rated current of 33A. I thought the best way to make the bike efficient was to use the motor on max half the rpm. So 2300 max. Then I will use a 1 to 3 on the link from the wheel to the motor. To make it easier for the motor. With a perimeter of 190cm of the wheel times the rpm of 766 (2300:3). It will go 87.4 km/hour.

So my 2 questions are: how much amps do you think the motor will use if the max is 33A but I’m using half the rpm of the motor?
And is the way I just explained the best way to make my electric motor bike.


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The best way to make it more efficient is to eliminate as many moving parts as possible. A chain is a lot of moving parts. A drive shaft is less moving parts but still more than optimal. Direct drive (hub motor) is most efficient.


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With Hub-Motors You can have both wheels driving when needed,
and only 1 Wheel driving for just cruising around.

Bigger and Heavier are what You need for efficiency,
but they are not qualities that You want in a Dirt-Bike.
Everything is always a compromise.
Well, I probably know more about dirt bikes, than the efficiencies of different motor/drivetrain options, but, since I own a 500w hub-motor driven e-bike, (IGO Extreme 3.0) I think that a 2000w motor with a 3:1 reduction would be scary. I also think that you need to think about this in a new way: How do you want to ride? Moto-X, casual trail riding, enduro style, crazy french-style hill climbs? What is more important, power and torque, speed or range? What about weight, and distribution of it? The battery(ies) for this bike will be considerable weight and size. Maybe offer a more detailed outline of your ideal outcome, and let others offer their thoughts about how to achieve it? :)