What function generator do you think i shoud buy UTG2025a or UTG962?

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After a lot of research I end up in these 2 function generators.
I found UTG2025a in a local shop for 230€(in internet cost around 400€ so I thought is good oportunity) and I was ready to buy it, but UTG962 shown up and complete blow my mind with what offers and the price(130€)
I try to figure out if UTG2025a is better than UTG962 or not. I search for differences, and the only thing that UTG2025a is better than UTG962 is temperature coeficient, at all the other cases UTG962 wins I think.
I can't understand how a 130€ function generator could be better than a 400€ function generator, of the same company(UNI-T).
I thing that I missing something, its to good to be true.
Can you help me with this choice?

I also found PSG908 around (180€) which seems good offer, but is from china without datasheet, and I afraid to go with it.

Is my first function generator, so I want to make a good choice.
Thanks in advance.

UTG2025 specs: https://www.uni-trend.com/html/product/gongye/Waveform/UTG2025A/UTG2025A.html
UTG962 specs: https://www.uni-trend.com/html/product/NewProducts/UTG900E Series/UTG962E.html