What are the differences between the DC/DC converters which are used in solar and wind applications?

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Does both of them use MPPT algorithms? What are the other differences?

Haven't found any good resource so far. Maybe I'm looking at the wrong place.

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It seems unlikely. In a solar application the controlled variables are azimuth and elevation to keep the solar panel perpendicular to the incoming solar radiation. For a given latitude and longitude the motion of the sun is deterministic and can be programmed in advance. In a wind power setup the controlled variables are azimuth and blade pitch angle. You want the blades perpendicular to the wind direction and you want to set the blade pitch for constant speed. As any sailor will tell you winds can be shifty sometimes with respect to bot speed and direction. You don't want to expend energy to make a change only to have to immediately change back. You also have to be careful not to increase the blade angle of attack too much or the increase in drag will offset the increase in lift and I'm not sure how you would effect a recovery from a stall.