Weller WES51 dead after pluggin in to 220V instead of 110V

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Hello all,

I did stupid mistake - I bought Weller WES51 in the US, and plugged it in back home in 220 V. After some boom and smell it looks like transformer 4000-01E07G827 failed. Transformer primary circuit has breakage. Secondary circuit is OK.
I'm wondering if something else could be damaged, or not, and is any way to check if soldering station still works?
For example, can I just supply 24 VDC to secondary circuit to confirm that it works?

As for fixing the soldering station, since transformer is already damaged, I can buy a new one for 220:
4000-02E07K999, 4000-05E07K999, 4000-09E07K999, 4000-13E07K999. All of them have primary voltage 240 V and secondary 24V. But they have different VA rating (100 instead of 40). Is it OK?
It also has bigger size, so I will need to place transformer outside the box somehow.

I have as well an idea to use transformer with similar characteristics to the original (24V secondary voltage, 40VA). would it be OK to find another not original transformer 220V to 24V? How critical is to keep 24V 40VA? For example, would it be OK 26V 45VA?