well shed timer project


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I would think a simple time-delay relay such as this would work for AK's scenario 4.
It could be powered by the signal from the pressure switch and one of the NC contacts could control the pressure motor relay.
A NC push-button in series with the relay power will reset it.

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Thank you all for the worthwhile help.
You've set me on my way to a failsafe system.
I'll get with my local well guy and see what his ideas are.
But I now have some great ideas to work on.


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Hid idea will be that you pay him several thousand dollars to work for an hour or two to put less than a $1000 worth of pump line and cable down a hole.

That's what prompted me to figure out how to DIY deep well work. ;)


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Does this part always restart at the beginning of the time delay when power is applied? If so, is there a minimum off time for the reset to work?
I would assume it resets when the power is removed (how could it not unless non-volatile memory was added for that purpose?) but it doesn't give that info or how long it would take.