Wanting to build a simple circuit for CDL trucks

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I am a safety manager in WA state and I am trying to find out a good way to build a simple device for our fleet of trucks.

I want to create something that will remind our drivers to look at their rear view mirrors before driving off.
What I want it to do is this:
Using a gap sensor on the drivers side of the truck, a light mounted on the rear view mirror(s), and a button wired into I assume some controlling unit on the dash somewhere, I would like to see the light on the mirror (and perhaps an audible sound) come on once the DS door is opened. When the door is shut, the light on the mirror and sound stay on. It will turn off once a button is pressed on the dash.

I can find no such product out there. Any thoughts?

Feel free to shoot me an email clint (at) washtruck.com


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Your device does not really do anything to guarantee they look in the mirror.. They can simply jump in, flip the switch and away they go.
A simple sticker that says "hey stupid look in your mirror" would probably produce better results. Put a hot chick in a bikini on it and its guaranteed to work and surely wouldn't annoy a trucker like a light/buzzer would.

and I'd think this would fall into the "banned" topics rule on this site as its an "automotive modification" so I'd expect this post to be locked.


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It's not a modification at all. Thanks
I think it falls into the banned topic around here.. Its an attempt at adding an additional "safety feature" to a vehicle. More of an annoyance than a safety feature IMO though..
Surely you can think of something better.


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Another good forum that shares many of the same membership is http://www.electro-tech-online.com/ . Good luck.
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