Want to buy a Linux based laptop/computer for programming


Joined Apr 28, 2012
Im using a refurbished Fujitsu desktop for selling since Monday.
Cost was about $100. Just got Ubuntu magazine DVD.

It can be quite a hassle since some distros would freeze on certain machines.

My machine (a dual 64bit Pentium) sometimes didnt start up fully, so it needed several restarts first. With the latest distro upgrade, the problem was gone.

Laptops arent as good for Linux. You may not be able to use all of the laptops hardware.

Just for learning Linux or use it in class you dont need a high end machine.
In recent years I just get the cheapest refurbished machines appropiate for some task.

Expensive laptops are a target for theft! Dont forget to dropbox your work files (not your movies and mp3 collection).

There are no Linux laptops commonly sold.
The easiest way is to startup a live image from DVD or USB, if you get internet connnection, chances are high it would install correctly.