Want to access electrical screwdrivers programming

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So... I'm an electro student at and I took apart my electric screwdriver because it is turning off too quickly when high load is applied - I think it might be programmed incorrectly. I haven't really taken all the courses needed to be able to figure this stuff out by myself. Any help would be appreciated.
Basically, I want to access it's onboard storage and rewrite when it is supposed to stop. And also it would be cool to be able to read some information off it when it's spinning to see what type of information it measures.
This is what the electronics look like:

So from what I can gather there are 4 access points to the left and 6 to the right. How would I go about accessing and what gear do I need to purchase to do it?


Thanks for any input, even if it's satirical :)


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The code in any commercial device will be proprietary and most likely in a write-protected IC and unreadable externally.


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Unless there are some ICs which are not shown in the pictures it doesn't have any storage.
In that case any limits would be set by values of reference voltage and resistor values.

To have any chance you (we) need a schematic of the board.


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There will be a dedicated chip that just generates the sequence of pulses to drive the brushless motor. The built in supply overload protection is designed to protect the motor. If you mess with that you will probably destroy the motor. If you want more torque, you will have to buy a stronger screwdriver.
The only information you will get from the drive circuit is the frequency and sequence of motor drive pulses. You can not access the built in program.