Voltage drop across PTC starter higher than supply.

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From the attached photo, I would like to know why the voltage drop across the PTC Starter which connect serie with the starter coil is higher the the supply source.
Can anyone explain me why this happen, what the theory of this, and the equation for calculate this problem, Thank you.



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The coil is an inductor so maybe this is what's happening.

Now is a good time to review the relationship between these calculated figures and readings given by actual instrument measurements of voltage and current. The figures here that directly relate to real-life measurements are those in polar notation, not rectangular! In other words, if you were to connect a voltmeter across the resistor in this circuit, it would indicate 7.9847 volts, not 6.3756 (real rectangular) or 4.8071 (imaginary rectangular) volts. To describe this in graphical terms, measurement instruments simply tell you how long the vector is for that particular quantity (voltage or current).