Vista "updating" for three days


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Killing Flash didn't fix anything.

Yes. It says: svchost.exe 50% Host process for windows services...just like Task Manager says.

I had a similar problem with XP and cleared it by running system clean up and running the clean up system files option. remove everything it finds, shut down the computer (not re-start) then power it up again. I got that from a forum at the time that seems to have vanished otherwise I would have provided the link. Good luck :)


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Going with auto updates is begging for trouble, and if you don't know that, your credibility is null and void.

Now, of course, trouble beggars hang out here, and just like this, want an easy pass.

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With close watching and a bit of luck, I traced this to Windows Updater. It "Updates" continuously, for months, with no Internet activity. Last update was Jan 16, 2016...nearly 9 months ago. Now I can just whack that "service" and nothing else changes, like Themes.
Excellent result.
I will now investigate how I can stop this auto-update that runs continuously without ever downloading anything to update.

Got it. Auto-updates for Windows: Never check for updates.
I still don't have any credibility, but I expect my computer to run better when it isn't using 50% of its CPU power to fail to Update anything.
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Thanks. I'll read those 5 pages again when I care enough to pursue this.
Right now, my computer hasn't updated anything for 9 months, so it's not doing any worse by never checking, and it runs so much better now!