Honeywell Vista-20 alarm panel questions

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To anyone else experienced with the Honeywell Vista 20 alarm panel-

For my home alarm system I have one Vista-20 panel (with some zone doubling) and two 6150 (fixed-word) keypads. As part of some renovating I need to add a third keypad and document more of the system.

1. Is there a way to interrogate the system to see the user numbers that already are configured? User number and access code would be nice, but just the numbers would help.

2. According to the installation manual I can add a third keypad, but there is nothing about programming it. Is there any programming needed, or are the keypads relatively dumb and all user data is stored in the main panel?

3. I tried to get the keypad addresses for my two panels. For the rear door panel it worked just fine - I held down keys 1 and 3 for a few seconds and the number 18 popped up. When I did the same thing to the front door panel it started flashing dE, then both panels started beeping with the message CHECK 100. While waiting for an answer from you gurus I'll bounce power to the front panel panel and see if that clears it.