Vibration switch/sensor to trigger a small LED, a buzzer and also toy motor

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Hello Experts

I am new on this forum, I am trying to design a something that will turn on an LED, vibrating motor (small toy motor) and a buzzer when vibration sensor is triggered. I am trying to keep it simple that can fit a stress ball, or a grip. please advice where can I start.


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Do you have microprocessor design experience or do you want
to do this with discrete logic ?

Some specs for buzzer, eg. V and I requirements. Same for motor.

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I have done something like this. For a vibration sensor we used a weighted spring. A ball of lead on the end of a spring. When the spring bends it makes contact and starts a timer running. I might be able to find a picture it that will help.

Did not find our pictures but something like this but "home made" by some cleaver engineers in China.
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A similar project " Getting a ball to glow then blink on bounce " by Darnel Harris on Chat, 7-15 2019. Used SW-18020P ( Digi Key about US $ 1.00 ) to trigger a 555.


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Years ago I made a spring switch with a center lead (similar to what has been shown in post #3) Thought I was brilliant. HOWEVER, as soon as the motor started vibrating - the vibrations kept reactivating the switch. Just something for you to keep in mind. My project was mounted on a car. If someone jacked up the bumper or bumped into the car it would set off an alarm. The vibration from the alarm kept retriggering the alarm. Had to mount the motor away from the switch.