Vibration sensing with 3D magnetic sensor

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I saw the example about vibration monitoring with a 3D magnetic sensor - are there any specific examples available or evaluation boards?
Basically, I am interested in testing it out and not sure whether there is a specific software example or an easy way to have a test setup.


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Hi nicoliJOY,

it depends on your concrete requirements and what you would like to test and implement.
We have Arduino software for a quick test and prototyping available on our GitHub repository, e.g. for the TLV493D-A1B6 here:

You can combine it with a XMC2Go MCU board and start testing, more details can be found in the wiki as well:

Also other 3D magnetic sensor variants are available, but for a quick test and setup, this might be a good point to start.

Please let me know whether you need additional information or are already thinking about a special setup.
Happy to provide you more information for starting your designs.

Thanks and best regards,