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Hello, I want to make this state diagram in vhdl, with a type 2 state machine, using a spartan6. I show you what I did so far, would someone be so kind to tell me if the code is ok? I also need help on how to show the current state and the value of the output on the 7-segment displays, so I need to use a frequency divider to obtain a final frequency of 1 Hz in order to see the changes on the displays.

Change the ending .txt to .vhd

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well done for asking,

Can I suggest a free book that is great


chapter 8 covers these thign sin detaisl and gives som egreat examples to use as a basis.

number 1
Dont use clock'event but rising_edge
Dont leave all sorts random un used code commented out, it makes reading more difficult
use a good editor, try notepad++ for free, it understand .vhd files