Vessel Data transmission Using RF

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I'm new to this forum and I hope you could help me a bit.
I'm currently working in a project for my bachelor thesis in electronics. I am acquiring some data of a fishing vessel (position and fuel level) and I would like to send it real time to a control center located in mainland, I would like to use oem hardware for this. I have thought about using VHF but it seems the distance range is very limited, very high antennas would be needed.(I don't really know the maximum distance a fishing vessel can achieve).
There is a xbee 40km range radio module in the 868 MHz band, but I think that is still a very short range.
I'm thinking in working in the MF/HF band (shortwave) and I would like some advice about oem radio transceivers in this frequency band. I would also like to know if digital data could be transmitted over shortwaves, I have seen a module that allows only for morse coding.


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There will be no real technical problem sending data but you may run into licensing restrictions on the ham bands unless there is a ham license holder at both ends.And even than, there is some restrictions on what can be sent.
Saying that, over many Kms, the link will vary with time of day and other atmospherics.
One of the first questions you need to answer is the distance you will need.
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Thank you, dendad. Let's asume a maximum distance of 100km from the coast, what would be the best approach to transmit data at that distance? AM/SW/FM range?


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Your only option for reliable "real time" satellite. I have never looked it up....but I believe there are several companies that offer this service. One can track almost any big ship now. I'm sure the small boats will follow.

Many fisherman probably use such a service. Check with fishing associations. Or check with Coast Guard.

I would research before planning a custom system.

Unless you have a fleet. Then network and hop to shore.