very very low sine wave amplifier

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Hello ... Sorry for my mistakes in English
I want to complete the circuit for the generator sinusoidal signals low of 0.1 Hz to 50 Hz with an output producing 0-10v 200mA for explinning the nature of AC current .... almost i used integrated circuit xr2206 and everything is fine for the purity of the signal ....the problem is on the amplification of the very low frequencies between 0.1hz to 2hz a big distortion loses the signal ... the attached pdf file swho the amplier circuit using

please : i ask you to help me to accomplish the perfect amplification circuit



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You would need an amplifier that can go down to 0Hz.
Audio Amps cannot go that low, unless it is designed for that.
Think Sub Woofer amps


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Can you describe the distortion?

Just a guess from the schematic, but does the distortion look anything like crossover distortion (below)?

Or does it look like clipping (below)?


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Use a PIC to generate sinus put that in a dac and use an opamp ( one chip version like the INA126)
At this point you have a correct shaped Sinus. next step is to use a paired set pnp/npn transistors.
make sure that your supply is > then wanted 10V ( eq 12V= +6 and -6V) set the opamp gain so that the amplitude =10V.
Correct the offset and make sure that you eliminate non linearity in the last stage.


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My guess is that you have a lot of crossover distortion, like the first image in post #4. And, there might be bursts of oscillation in there. The circuit you have is a good approach, but it has a very poor output stage. Do you want to build a better amplifier, or buy one?



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I believe there are op-amps capable of 200mA directly without an additional output stage? That would simplify things quite a bit.