very old metal film capacitors

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    Anyone can recall the logo on the red ones?


    these old capacitors arent worth as much as some people think, for instance looking at XXX known trading platform.

    Of course when I buy some ewaste I'd try to sell it off with some profit, but charging several dollars for just one of these, only because they are no longer made and hard to find?

    Collectors items have existed since the beginning of time- I may decide just to collect them, maybe every once in a while, solder one into a circuit and make it obscure - looking.

    Now I can think about different viewpoints:

    -its basically ewaste
    -transportation as such increases the costs a lot
    -new parts dont cost very much and do the same
    -some people make a living out of increasing prices 10x to 50x and more
    -some people just collect things, pay $10000s for old bottles with liquors you couldnt tell from new shop products in a blindfold test

    And then there was this guy, trying to desolder these tiny coils from a television board, took him two minutes and half of them broke apart, well, they cost 2 cents if you buy a lot of them, think:

    2 minutes at $20 = $20 / 30 = $0.33
    cost of the component =$0.02 new

    Now i used this cardboard with imprint for some photos, and when I sell the coils I must write:

    Parts actualy NOT made or distributed by YAGEO

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    Send one of the red caps to Coollestersmooth. He needs one for his audio amplifier. :cool: