Completed Project Vehicle Interior Light Timer

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Many questions on All About Circuits ask how to make long duration timers and mention 555s and the like. I always answer that using a small micro-controller is the way to go: Simple, adaptable, low component count, low cost.

So, when I needed a timer to switch off the interior lights in a vehicle if the door is left open, time to show how simple it is!



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While I agree with you for reasons unknown to me when micro controllers are mentioned along with programming people tend to run away. I try in most cases to present both ways when discreet components can be used and point out the good and bad of either method. Just a look at an interface spooks many away despite the best efforts of many of us to make things simple, which often they are. This is especially true of the newer enthusiast who feel like using a uC involves the deep end of the pool.

Thanks for sharing your design and the code. Hopefully in the future people can be directed to it. This would have gone well in the Projects / Finished Products sections.

<Yay, completed projects! :)>

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