vehicle door lock trigger help needed

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Putting in remote start that will start the car after three lock pulses. its not working and i think its due it doesnt recognize the unlock pulse. 2004 VW Jetta. wires coming from drivers door lock are neg signal(from what im told) and the remote start door lock wires are pos input. lock works perfectly fine connected straight together( lock from door to lock to remote start) aka light on remote start module turns off when car is locked. but the unlock does not turn light back on unless i do two things within 1 sec. have to ground door unlock trigger and then touch wire to module to a 12v positive. if i do that the light on the remote start will come back on. i bought a Directed Electronics Inc 528T hoping it would do what i want. it did but the delay between the unlock pulse from the car and the unlock pulse it sent to the module was to long.