Using OrCad ver 16.2 and above, with WIN 8 and above ( Win 10, Win11 )

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Trying to keep the tool set I know best, OrCad Capture and Layout:

But windows 10 refused to work correctly with OrCad. The CPU usage would go to 100% immediately upon opening Capture, or Layout.
Tried many 'certain fixes' found on the internet and after months of periodic searching and experimenting I happened across the following ( found elsewhere on the 'allaboutcircuits' forum:

Just two simple steps to finally have a fully functional OrCad 16.2 working with WIN 10 and WIN 11 :

change "... C:\Program Files (x86)\OrCAD_16.0\tools\bin and renamed both cdsMsgServer.exe and cdsNameServer.exe to 'OLD' ..." ,

FIXED THE ISSUE OF CPU GOING TO 100%. and OrCad ver 16.2 , Capture and Layout works fine.

Hope this helps the hands-on layout persons.

By the way, I purchased OrCad 17 and discovered the 'layout' was a completely different program without any real support or training modules. Thus ending my over 35 years of using and upgrading OrCad while enjoying the previously wonderful service and training aids. Likely there are people to whom the OrCad ver 17 seems intuitive and can enjoy the product.