Using Motor driver ICs for making sine wave inverter

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This probably is a very super noob question. What are the possible problems if I want to make a sine wave inverter using say an off the shelf motor driver chip like BTS7960? My architecture is simple for now. Just some mcu that can do above 20KHz PWM, the motor driver chip instead of discrete mosfets and some LC filtering and a step up transformer.
I am not a power electronics expert by any means.



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That driver does have a PWM input/output, which should work to drive the transformer.
You would need to program the mcu to generate a 50 or 60Hz sinewave modulated PWM signal (typically from a sinewave lookup table in ROM).
Alternately you could use an opamp sine-wave generator driving a PWM modulator circuit.

How much output power do you need?

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220W out of a single TO220 package is highly unlikely, what is your intended DC input voltage ?