Using a relay to power a magnetic lock with a separate power supply

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I am trying to wrap my head around what I need to do to power this particular magnetic lock. This is the setup....

I am using this Automatic Sliding Door Opener:
It runs off of 24VDC and comes with a 7A power supply. This unit has a magnetic lock output where you can simply plug in the two wires of a 24VDC magnetic lock into it via a 2-pin terminal, and when the door slides closed, it will supply 24VDC and up to 220ma only via those built in terminals, to the lock to keep it engaged.

The issue that I am having is the magnetic lock that I want to use draws more current, about 480ma.

Is there some type of relay that I can use that will take that 24V input from the Autoslide and allow me to use a separate power supply to engage the lock? I am looking at this on Amazon, but without any wiring diagrams I am getting a little confused. Plus I am not sure it will work this way or the load is supposed to be AC with this particular relay.

24VDC 1 Channel Relay Module with OPTO Isolation Support with High or Low Level Trigger

Basically, when the doors slides closed, the Autoslide will send it's 24V trigger to this relay, and I can wire a separate 24VDC power supply (or put a Y-splitter on the Autoslide's own power supply), and power the lock that way. In reality, I would want to power the Autoslide, the relay, and the lock off of the Autoslide's 7A power supply.