Using a comparator LM311 to reverse an analog voltage 0V to 5V, to 5V to 0V


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Hi 123,
The transducer has a 0 to 5V output, -V to +V.

Please confirm transducer output is it: 0v to +5V or 0V to -5V or some other range -V to +V



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Here is the question raised by a co-worker, trying to help him:
I am attempting to invert a DC single from torque transducer from -V to +V so that it can be read by a microcontroller. I am looking at op amps
and voltage comparators but I do not want the single to be amplified.

Single output is limited to 40mA.
Supply voltage is limited to 5VDC
The description of the problem is lacking. Are you sure that the transducer output is analog?

Most opamps will only source/sink around 25mA before they start current limiting. Don't know of any comparators that will sink more than half a dozen mA. Some of those newer devices that don't have open collector/drain outputs might.