Use a microphone to detect specific sound plus a motion sensor and arduino

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Hi guys, I would greatly appreciate your help, I have a different background than electronics and programming, so I am completely lost and in desperately need of help, so any little help can save me. I want to do a project to for saving water in the shower to one of my university courses. The idea is to have a motion sensor and a microphone connected to and Arduino Uno, so when the sensor sense movement in the shower (when the person gets in) and when the mic "senses" the shower noise activates a timer. What I want to do next is just give a sound signal when a time is reached. For now I just want to know if the microphone part is possible, I have seen some projects that detects sound, but I don't know if an specific sound like the shower noise can be detected, Also I am not sure which microphone will be best for this, I read and I will probably need and Electrec plus an amplifier, but honestly I don't know this topic, so I am not sure, If there is someone that knows if this is possible and how it can be possible it will be great and as I said lifesaver, thanks a lot and excuse my huge ignorance.


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but I don't know if an specific sound like the shower noise can be detected,
why don't you just experiment?

The key I think will be what you meant by "specific". The answer ranges from "sure" to "impossible", depending on your answer there.

The simplest solution would be to have a human sound detector: hire a guy standing there and if he hears the right command, he will activate the water.

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Any of the following could be fitted to the shower head to indicate when it is probably in use:
  • flow sensor
  • pressure switch
  • piezo transducer to "listen" for the flowing water
  • temperature sensor
  • A pair of probes to detect the presence of water by measuring its resistance
I don't know why you need to know when someone gets in the shower.
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This sensing idea is rather tricky and not very reliable- how does it differentiate a voice from water flowing?

Maybe with some sophisticated spectral analysis? but that's not easy, nor foolproof.

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thanks for the replies, what I wanted at the beginning was to detect the sound of the running water, I thought of it that way because I want to know automatically the moment when the person is taking a shower. I thought of the microphone ecause maybe not all the shower heads are suitable to put a sensor, but I have researched it and as you all say my idea may seem too difficult, so I will probably go for another way to detect the running water, Thanks for the advice, I will have to change my concept idea, probably use a pressure switch.