usb jack disconnected, hard to replace

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Hi all. Please check the image attached. The usb female connector for battery charging got disconnected and I tried to reconnect it soldiering station, unfortunately I am not able to connect it back, it's to small. I build a small charger for the 3.7 batter using tp4056, but I have all the time remove the battery for charging. Do you have any idea how I can fix the device ? Maybe If I follow the route on the pcb I can find a place where I could connect a fix female usb cable ? Thanks a lot



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Yes, you could follow the traces back to find the necessary connections.

I think that if I were faced with this problem I would use a hot iron, plenty of flux and some solderwick (fluxed braid) to clean up the mess on the board and probably on the connector too and try to solder them only using the solder left on the pads after the clean-up.


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Welcome to the world of microsoldering. This is most easily done using a hot air station, but it can be done with a very fine tipped soldering pencil. Use one that regulates the temp (a good one not the Walmart special) and plenty of flux. If there is a solder bridge, usually a clean pencil will take back enough solder to clear it. This takes practice. Take another scrap board with a similar style of pins (IC maybe?) and try there first to get the feel of it.


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To solder the connection, first you need to be able to remove the present solder blobs, AND have the connector held in place. Then a good magnifier so that you can see. Then a soldering iron with a very small tip, and a bit of thin solder. A good iron makes it easier, but it can BE DONE WITH A CHEAP IRON AND THE RIGHT TIP.