USB design with USB-A and USB-C ports

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Hello circuiteers.
I am working on USB hub design that is being fed 5volts and 500mA from a power hub. The output will have two ports: A USB Type A port for phone charging/data, and a USB-C port for higher amperage charging of phones like i-phone. I plan to use a variation of the attached circuit. Am I correct in my theory that a buck-boost type circuit will "boost" the current for the type-c port? I am using the TPS chip as a regulator for 5volts and wanting to increase the current. Doable? Thank you in advance.Capture 6-16-23.PNG

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If you are supplying 500mA at 5 volts, you cannot get more current than that out at 5 volts, and even less at a higher voltage.

Power = volts x amps. So input power is 2.5 watts.

Maximum output power = input power x efficiency, where efficiency is < 1.

If you boost voltage, the maximum current delivered decreases. Always.