Urgent Help -Solenoid and arduino

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Mizs Faa

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I am not professional in electronic design and im really need your help. Here I attached my schematic circuit of solenoid and arduino. (I am assume motor as my solenoid since im using expressSCH software; not have solenoid.

What im know is my solenoid is 12V with 4 Watt power. Connect with 5V solenoid and Im using optocoupler to isolate 2 electrical parts. Unfortunately I dont understand how to know the voltage output at mosfet (D,G,S), what is the function of diode? Is the diode to allow reverse-foward bias voltage in this circuit? and I need to know what the suitable decoupling capacitor for my circuit. Im so sorry. I am very low knowledge about electronics. Hope someone can help me.


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