Urgent help needed for project on my bmw e92 m3

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Hi I stumbled across this forum whilst searching the web for help. Seems like there is some very knowledgeable people here.

I am currently working on a project on my bmw e92 m3, I am trying to upgrade my steering wheel and paddle assembly.

the current steering wheel has various buttons/controls on it. I don’t need most of these functions, although I need to keep the “M” button.

I am a newbie when it comes to modern car electrics and circuit boards, but from what I have found so far the controls are controlled via resistance. So each button creates a certain resistance which is then decoded to perform certain tasks.

With this in mind I removed my standard steering wheel and started measuring the resistance when the buttons where pressed.

The plug off the steering wheel is a 6 pin. The left paddle (down shift) has two wires come out of it into the left hand steering wheel controls (volume up & down, phone & voice control) This then links across into the right hand side buttons (M button, CD changer & up & down arrows) the Right hand side paddle (up shift) then goes into that circuit board then the 6 wires come out of that into the plug.

My brother is an electrician and has a megger tester. So we set that to Ohms and zero it. The “base” reading if you like when no buttons where pressed was 3.33ohms across all 6 wires.

Pin 1 (right side controls) & Pin 3 (common)

3.33ohms the when pressing the M button it read 83.3ohms

Pin 4 and Pin 6 Control shifters

3.33 ohms, when pressing the right shifter (up) it read 322 Ohms

3.33ohms, when pressing the left shifter it read 1ohm so it dropped below the base reading

my question is how do I go about wiring up my new M button and paddles

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That's a nice looking and capable car. Have you considered the effect on trade-in/resale value of doing the modification you suggest?