University Project Electric Circuit Analysis

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Abdul Majeed Faraz

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Hello I am a Freshman in University one of my our subject Electric Circuit Analysis professor asked us to do a project we even though we dont even know about things like diode We have only learned about circuit analysis he asked us to make a project on any theorem's application. To cut to the chase can any one tell me if this circuit will work in real life? by that i mean led will glow like it should in simulator and wont burn out


the thing iam worried about i hope in real circuit led will not burn out I did research that voltage across led should not exceed 2V here its 1.8 and current must not be more than 20mA in this circuit its 12.398mA i arranged the value of resistor accordingly to get desired voltage and current. By the way we have not proved any circuit experimentally in the lab only through multi sim and I am trying to prove Thevenin theorem here is equivalent circuit.




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It looks like you did everything correct. I don't know how you came up with your original circuit, but it results in the LED being in a happy place. Then your conversion of that to its Thevenin equivalent is spot on.