Universal 6-IN-1 Remote Control

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Since the Brand Code List contains codes containing “0” while the keyboard of the device contains no “0,” I assume that the mysterious buttons labeled “1-/11” and so forth must be required to produce a “0.” More guesswork leads to the hypothesis that to enter “01” a user must press the “0/10” button three times (once for “0” and then twice to count up from “0” to “1”). This cannot be true, however, because how could one ever produce “00”? Surely some critical information has been omitted from the instructions.


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It this is the product, it appears to me the 0/10 button is the 0 button in one context and 10 in another. For numerical entry I would expect it to be zero without requiring a special sequence of operations. This is reinforced by the fact that it is located where the 0 button should be.

As far as 1-/11 and 2-/12, I expect they are the 1- and 2- buttons in some context and the 11 and 12 in some other. No, I don’t know what a 1- or 2- button would be meant to do.