Unity gain amplifier

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Hi all,

I would like to make a circuit of unity gain amplifier using inverting configuration. Please could you check the below circuit is right or wrong?.



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About 20 seconds with a fast internet search engine would have given you the right answer. When one refers to an inverting configuration, it is understood to mean the output of the circuit is inverted compared to the input.

Google was kind enough to provide this definition which you could have easily seen:
Unity gain amplifiers come in two types: voltage followers and voltage inverters. A follower is a circuit in which the output is exactly the same voltage as the input. An inverter is a circuit in which the output is the same voltage level as the input but with the opposite polarity.


(Output with respect to ground) = - (Input with respect to ground)

The input common mode range of the particular op amp must be observed.

Perhaps a step-up in your development in this forum would be to start helping people find answer rather than asking questions to which you probably already know the answer.
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