Understanding SAB MOSFET ALD810025 for supercapacitor balancing

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Hello all,
I am thinking of balancing a 3s2p configuration BCAP0350 from Maxwell using ALD810025. The (Max) leakage current, 0.75mA is specific to choosing the correct SAB MOSFET.

In the datasheet for ALD810025 on page 5 at the bottom it says " At each VGS = VDS bias voltage, a corresponding Drain-Source ON Current(IDS(ON)) is produced by a specific SAB MOSFET, which can be viewed as the amount of current available to compensate for supercap leakage current imbalances and results in an Equivalent ON Resistance (RDS(ON))across a supercap cell." Can somebody please explain it a bit more in english ? How does leakage current play its part in balancing the cap or help the MOSFET to do its thing ?

Hoping to keep the caps balanced at 2.5v/cell.
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