Understanding Feedback Using a dsPIC MCU

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So I've looked at various feedback block diagrams and been mulling it over in my head for some time now, and was thinking about how to drive a stepper to a particular point.

My Sensor gives me a data that I've decided (by some unknown as yet, method) means rotate the shaft 10 degrees, which translates to x steps (multiplied up if microstepping).

Would I then just create a pulse by toggling the pin x times, read the encoder and adjust if necessary? or is there some really clever way of doing it (i.e. PWM). As I only need to move the shaft +/- 45 degrees, it's only 200 at 8 microsteps (1.8 degs /step). I also need minimum latency in the system, so the method I finally adopt is quite crucial.

What are your thoughts peeps.