Undergrad Research Ideas

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I'm currently having a hard time trying to look for a research topic since everything is getting advance. If I may I'd love to hear some of your innovative ideas that might help me. Thank you.


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I think an investigation into the use of simulation and modeling to advance the design process would be a useful activity. Specifically, the use of "finite element analysis" techniques which have been useful for mechanical systems.

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I echo Keith's comments. Your project should be something you're excited about. Something near and dear to your heart. You'll probably be spending A LOT of time working on it, and if it's not something that excites you, you may get disgusted with it pretty quickly.


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The TS did say he was having a hard time thinking of anything at all. Never mind finding something ideal for his circumstances. We also don't know if this is a term project, in which case almost anything would be potentially suitable, or a senior thesis which would be a horse of a different color in terms of time and effort. The request is just too vague to elicit much in the way of a meaningful response, that might actually appeal to him.


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For an undergrad project it doesn't need to be novel. Focus on what you know that incorporates concepts from several of your courses. Look at the work that your professors are interested in and help them with their research.

If you can't find something you're interested in, I'd question if research is something you should pursue.