Under/over voltage error - Samsung air conditioner

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    Jun 20, 2015
    My two year old Samsung system will not heat or cool. The indoor unit turns on but the outdoor unit will not.

    I have removed the cover from the condenser unit and inspected the main board. The diagnostic light sequence indicates a dc-link voltage under/over or PFC Overload / H / W DC link over error.

    I have inspected connectors and verified AC voltage is correct. There doesn't appear to be any corrosion or water ingress on the board. I haven't yet removed the board to inspect the underside. Wiring between the units appears sound. When the indoor unit is switched on I can here relays switching on the pcb board.

    Troubleshooting guides online suggest that the error can occur if:
    Voltage across C101, 102 & 103 on the Outdoor PCB is out of range and
    Causes are – Mains voltage spikes or brown outs, Compressor slugging liquid, bad Outdoor PCB

    This is an image of the PCB board:http://i.imgur.com/jxaU4eN.jpg

    This is a shot of the wiring diagram for the unit and error code list:http://i.imgur.com/5O21JMo.jpg

    The model of the condenser unit is: AQV09TWSX

    Any assistance would be much appreciated!