Ultrasonic Cleaner Transducer question.

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Hello Everyone,
My apologies for this question....but I am not super familiar with Ultrasonic Cleaners...
I have a BioSonic UC100XD Ultrasonic Cleaner by Coltene Whaledent.
The unit was given to me and did not work at all. Essentially, you plugged it in, hit power and the fuse would blow.
I found the issue with the supply board (2 MOSFET's were gone).
Under the tank, there are two ultrasonic transducers. The small disc kind.
Just by visual inspection, you knew that one of the two was completely shot. It had cracks and looked burned.
Unfortunately, there were no visible part numbers on either transducer (the crack ran through the numbers, and it was impossible to tell what they were).
The only thing legible was Morgan which was purchased by another company (a user here told me that). I did try contacting them, but no response.
I was able to remove the burned one, and the one that is left works, but of course there should be two.
Since I need to replace one of them, I need to figure out what the wattage of the old one was, but since I am not very familiar with ultrasonic transducers, not sure how to figure this out.
Or is "close" good enough?
Or.....should I just replace both? (which would be a pain removing the good one).
I would really appreciate your thoughts / ideas on this.